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Production Dramaturgy
& New Play Development

Beyond Doomsday Scrolling.jpeg

Photo Credit: AnomalousCo

(beyond) Doomsday Scrolling​
(beyond) Doomsday Scrolling is an original work of epic theatre about women, war, displacement, and resistance. Set in an imagined theatre sheltering women fleeing from wars across time and across the globe, this dramatic cabaret connects the invasion of Ukraine with the larger landscape of systemic aggression around the world – and centers women in the story of war.
Amplifying the voices of women as social actors in wartime, this multilingual show is performed by 12 women and 1 man, from 11 countries and multiple generations. Featuring a live ensemble (vocals, bandura, french horn, violin, accordion, mandolin, and keyboard) headed by Ukrainian musician Lesya Verba, with songs ranging freely over cultures, eras, and genres, the piece conveys experiences of displacement and resistance through drama, music, satire, living newspaper, personal testimony, and text drawn from the long tradition of women’s war writing.
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Beethoven: Live in Concert

After the tragic loss of genius composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the world searches for the next beacon of hope for humanity. That call is answered, unexpectedly, by Joseph Haydn’s messy-haired, crude, rebellious student – a young Ludwig van Beethoven. He’s loud, abrasive, and determined to turn Vienna upside-down with his radical new sound – no matter the cost. Combining '70s rock and roll with classic composition, this work-in-development by Jad Jacob tells the story of a man who, with his tumultuous life, defied fate and changed music forever.

Artist Credit: Jad Jacob

IG Bonhoeffer.jpeg
This Mortal Life Also

Renowned theologian and pacifist Dietrich Bonhoeffer is drawn into a web of lies and deceit as a double agent in World War II Germany. His efforts to maintain his integrity while fighting against National Socialism create a landscape of secrets, broken promises, fierce love, and dangerous alliances. Based on a true story of resistance in Nazi Germany, this new play by Nancy Shank had its world premiere in March of 2022.

Artist Credit: Mackenzie Davenport

Heart Island

A musical devised with 13 of my colleagues for our final senior project at CAP21 Conservatory, Heart Island brings to light the inherently unequal existence of the Bronx's Hart Island in equal parts sadness, joy, resilience, and love. A series of remarkably diverse characters, based on findings from The Hart Island Project, provide us with a celebration of life and a call to action after their death. In addition to book/lyrics, I served as one of the dramaturgs for the project: I provided historical research, analysis, and continuity, along with advisement and editing for plot and character development.

Credit: Francisco Daum

Liberty: A New Musical

In the last days of 1891, a diverse group of immigrants travel across the Atlantic to start new lives in America. Annie Moore--a poor Irish lass with a broken spirit and two mischievous brothers--has the adventure of her lifetime as she discovers love, fights against oppression, and becomes the first immigrant to pass through Ellis Island. Written and composed by Regan Hicks, Liberty saw its first workshop in June 2022.

Artist Credit: Regan Hicks


Artist Credit: Regan Hicks


Rose is a devout Christian, a talented religious poet, and a kind, accepting young woman. She is everything her parents wanted in a child, everything the community sees as a pillar of strength and virtue. She is perfect in every way except one. Something is wrong with Rose, and no one will tell her what it is. Her mother merely shoves her off to their pastor. Her pastor merely tells her to pray. Her angels merely tell her to scream truth. Only the new kid in town—psychology major Axel—wants to help her. Will he succeed? Or will Rose be left suffering for the rest of her life? Written by Regan Hicks, Stigma explores the harm inflicted when society cannot look past ingrained stigma, and why we need to break down these horrific conventional views.

Wild Home: An American Odyssey

Wild Home... takes an odyssey across rural America, traveling to 15 rural communities identified by The Wilderness Society as under tremendous threat for oil, gas, and mineral extraction on public lands. In each community, Notch develops a series of plays, through public storytelling events, to be performed by community and professional actors in outdoor, wilderness spaces. Developed by Notch Theatre Company and Jessica Kahkoska, the project is currently working in Colorado, Ohio, and Alaska, with plans under way for Utah and Virginia.

Artist Credit: Rachel Birnbaum


Artist Credit: @RedHandedRobyn

Voices from a Pandemic

Voices... is a piece of documentary theatre, gathering stories from this pivotal time in history and weaving them into one play. It is designed to be a testimonial and remembrance of this time in our history and our cultural landscape. Devised by Notch Theatre Company and its team of artists, Voices... is a poignant portrait of our time.

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