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You, Me

The letters are the only way Rowan can truthfully communicate. She writes constantly, to one only addressed as "my love" or "my sunshine;" whatever the pet name, it's clear that something is wrong, very, very wrong. Designed as a series of letters in a contemporary Gothic setting, You, Me is a coming-of-age novel of love, loss, literature, friendship, and escapism. 

  • Currently in-progress

  • To read a longer excerpt, please contact me. 

“I want to be ivy. Beautiful and mystical. Nostalgic and new. Invincible—god, you should see the people that attempt to cut it down; it’s like a warzone sometimes—and fragile. It knows where it wants to go, and stops at nothing to get there. Ivy is like veritable battlements against the force of humanity. It sees nothing but adventure. I want to be like that. Is that what you meant, love, when you said I wasn’t a flower? That I hated roses because I’d never be like them? You said it with such care and wisdom in your eyes, I couldn’t be angry. I loved you all the more for it.”

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