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The Neighbors

Called It Weak

Welcome to Edwardian England, a place where the word PTSD did not exist, a mystery in spite of the countless soldiers returning from the Great War with its affliction. There is no help provided for these emasculated veterans; in fact, there's no help provided whatsoever for a hurting England. In this environment, Elisabeth and her brothers, Jacob and William, must learn to survive and thrive. A short story of WWI, shellshock, and three criminal siblings, "The Neighbors Called It Weak" is a historical piece that still resonates today.

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“He had never been this late before.

            Elisabeth paced the cobblestones of Victoria Square, careful not to stray too far from the tightly-knit row of houses to her side. London was a hazy, dwindling ember of light at this time of the evening; the fog that encased her city was more than enough to conceal her from the crowd traveling home from work. The atmosphere, usually so comforting, did nothing for her hyperactive mind and disquieted nerves. Instead, the chill of the fog sunk deeper into her bones. Her heels clicked ominously on antiquated stone as her mind raced, and her heart leapt at every silhouette that grazed her skirts.

            Her thoughts flickered between anxiety and anger. She shifted from My God, I’m going to kill him when he shows his face to Oh, please, Lord, let him be alright and back again. This never should have happened: where was he?”

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