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The Forestry of a Panic Disorder.png

The Forestry of

a Panic Disorder

The symptoms of a panic disorder are, for me, something like navigating a forest in the middle of the night, knowing that you could escape the labyrinth if only you could find the light. In equal parts vulnerable and cathartic, this slam poem explores that.

  • To see a performance of this piece, click the video directly following.

“I’ve started biting my lip more lately

Like the physical feeling of teeth against sensitive skin

Will somehow suffice in calming down the mind

That is ricocheting to and fro

I never used to bite my lip

I’ve always twirled my hair

Twiddled my thumbs on occasion

But I never bit my lip

It’s like somehow attaching to my own lip will teach me self-love

Teach me how to empathize with myself the way I empathize with others

Teach me how to romance myself as I do the world around me”

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