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The Fairy Tale of Female

What is the definition of womanhood? What are women expected to be? What are they lambasted for? And how does that harm the diverse, beautiful array of women throughout history? Utilizing mythical creatures of legend and lore, "The Fairy Tale of Female" is a feminist extended definition of duality, rage, care, strength, and why we're long overdue for progress. 

“If gentility and submission were your only goals, why did you create us with a spark? A face so pretty does not deserve the power of the world, you say, burdensome and arcane and new. We see ourselves reflected in the aquamarine of Paradise: we see the cheekbones of porcelain doll and the wide, dewy eyes, the flowing hair and the gentle curves of our bodies. We see what you see, something like an angel and something like a dormouse. But you cannot see what the waters show us, too.”

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