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Ginny and Emily:

Elisabeth Watson has a stable life: she lives with her best friend of a roommate, has an adorably aloof black cat and a handsome on-again, off-again boyfriend, and adores her job as a high school English teacher. She is living a comfortable Bostonian life. Unfortunately, Elisabeth also harbors one huge secret: she is a bisexual woman, something she has known and repressed since childhood.


That fact has never been a problem, until one early autumn’s travel to rural Massachusetts for a friend’s wedding. At the reception, Elisabeth meets Christa James, an awkward, intelligent woman three years her senior. She is the first publicly out lesbian Elisabeth has met. Following a tipsy night together, Elisabeth has fallen for Christa, and it appears Christa feels the same way.

What ensues is an exploration of identity, family, biphobia, and, hopefully, acceptance.

"CHRISTA. (gaining excitement, standing when it feels appropriate)No, I mean it! (As if trying out her name:) Elisabeth—Lis—Elisabeth, why don’t you stay? We’ll became the next great lesbian lovers. We’ll be recluses, like, like, like Virginia Woolf and Emily Dickinson, or like those lady pirates that fought topless, or that one chick that escaped from a convent with her lesbian lover!


ELISABETH. Please stop saying lesbian.


CHRISTA.(undeterred, unstoppable, almost like she didn’t hear)

Except we won’t, like, light shit on fire and commit homicide and stuff. We’ll stay up here, feeding each other strawberries by candlelight, tracing each other’s bodies like sculptors, having dessert once the moon rises, if you know what I mean. (bites her lip; ELISABETH looks away, flushing) Ooh! Ooh! And we’ll have, uh, Netflix set up on the wall, programmed with only Portrait of a Lady on Fire and The L Word and a bootleg of Fun Home! We’ll set up a portrait studio against one wall, with oil painting and peaches and a cherry tree planted outside. We’ll live laugh love all the lez-hating Lindsays right outta town! We’ll be the best damn lesbian lovers this county has ever--!


ELISABETH. Christa. Stop. Just stop.


CHRISTA. Sorry. Too much?


ELISABETH. (quietly) I'm not a lesbian."

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