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Best Time to Be Alive

A science fiction musical surrounding the dichotomy of head and heart and the reclamation of one's identity, Best Time to Be Alive asks the question: what would you give to have your heart back again? Would you sacrifice the world to save the one you loved? 

  • Written in partnership with Renoir Kobashia

  • March 2023 Developmental Workshop and Industry Reading with Bedlam 

  • August 2023 Workshop at Sunlight Studios

  • Follow the adventure here 

Artist Credit: Renoir Kobashi

Nicholas Podany, as Silas, sings "Awkward Silence"

BTtBA Cast March 2023.jpeg
Anna & Silas New Years Eve.png

Concept Art: "Are you gonna kiss her or what?"

Cast and Creative of March 2023 (L to R): Deanna Kahn, Noah Weisberg, Lexi Lawson, Audrey Belle Adams, Renoir Kobashi, Rhiannon Ling, Alex Cannon, Eric Tucker,

Santa Claire Hirsch, Jelani Remy, Nicholas Podany, Austin Ku, Chris Medlin, Benjamin Stayner, Aissa Guindo, Sarah-Anne Martinez, and Patrick Mark Saunders

Anna (1).png

Concept Art: "Against the Wind"


Partial Cast of August 2023 (L to R): Nathan Cockroft as Future Silas, Jessica Caldwell as Fictional Anna, and Adam Henley as Jacko

Future Silas.png

Concept Art: "One Shot in a Million"

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